Communication & Education Review Vol.1 No.1 2020

ISSN: 2689-9752(Print)
ISSN: 2689-9760(Online)

18 Revisions


  1. A POA-based Empirical Study on the Students’ Business Letter Translation Skills Acquisition
    Wang Xiaohui, Gao Juxia
  2. A Study on the Fundamental Principles of Communist Manifesto and the Practice of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in New Era
    Li Xin
  3. Content Dissemination of Intellectualized English Learning Platform
    Zhang Yuanyuan
  4. Discernment and Diversity- Construction of College Students’ Ideological and Political Education and Value Consensus in the Era of Intelligence Media
    Gu Xiuping, Xu Duanni
  5. Multidimensional Research on the Friendly Values Education of Teenagers
    Yan Bing
  6. Recreating Chang’an- Knowledge Production and Spatial Construction of Xijing Shengji under the Vision of Communication
    Yang Bo
  7. Research on Education of Miao Ethnic Minority Sports Hand-beating Shuttlecock
    Zhang Yanbin, Guo Jiao
  8. Research on the Architecture and Application Design of Naxi Residential Buildings in Lijiang, Yunnan Province
    Yang Jinhu
  9. The Dialectic Value Implication of Xi Jinping’s View of a Better Life Guo Zhaojun, Jiang Tiantian
  10. The Symbolic Application and Semantic Interpretation of Hidden Culture Communication in the Fan-sub Groups Great Works
    Lan Fenglian
  11. Ecological Feelings in Landscape Pastoral Poems of Tang Dynasty
    Tang Jun
  12. The Translation of English Legal Documents of Inland Free Trade Port
    Xiao Bei
Author: Samuel Hall

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