Communication & Education Review Vol.1 No.2 2020

ISSN: 2689-9752(print)
ISSN: 2689-9760(online)


  1. The Five-factor Model for the Education of Postgraduate CPC Members—Taking the Application of Project Management Method as a Means
    Chen Yuchan
  2. Research on Effective Communication and Communication Mode Between Campus Football Coaches and Team Members Under 4C Rule
    Han Ruichen, Delemulati•wulazi
  3. Study on the Special Planning of Shangri-la—Weixi Highway Rural Tourism in DiQing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture
    Yang Jinhu
  4. Research on the Networked Development of Online Piano Teaching—With an Example of the “VIP Peilian” APP
    Zhao Zixuan
  5. Pursuing a Better Life: Discourse Characteristics and Countermeasures of Haze Issues in the Network Mimicry Environment
    Guo Zhaojun
  6. Research on the Application of New Media in Grassroots Police Work from the Perspective of National Public Security New Media Matrix
    Tan Zhi
  7. Research on the Construction Strategy of Overseas Image of Chinese Enterprises Under the Background of the Belt and Road Initiative
    He Ting
  8. Research on Tomb Mural as a Special Communication Landscape
    Cang Kaiyan
  9. Art Production in the Age of Mass Media
    Jiang Jihua
  10. Bullet Screen Characteristics and Social Function
    Hong Yuxiang
  11. Sound-Picture Counterpoint: A Communication Path of Nostalgia Utopia—Take the Movie “Mr.Six” for Instance
    Zhang Luoyang
  12. Research on the Application of Micro Bullet Screen in Law Case Method
    An Zihui
  13. Active Protection and Suggestions of Modern Historic Relics in Yancheng from the Perspective of New Media Communication
    Liu Yuxuan
Author: Samuel Hall

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