Communication & Education Review Vol.1 No.4 2020

ISSN(print): 2689-9752
ISSN(online): 2689-9760


  1. Research on Sustainable Strategies for Children’s Smart Education Tools
    Zou Yi, Qi Na
  2. An Analysis of the Jocosity of Female Images in the Online Collective Revelry in China
    Xun Jie
  3. “Educating People with Beauty, Cultivating People by Culture”: The Construction and Practice of Visual Teaching Platform for Ideological and Political Courses
    Chen Shuo
  4. Argentine Language Ecology and Language Policy Research
    Du Wen, Zheng Liuyi
  5. Research on the Communication of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Zhuang Nationality in the Multi-media Perspective
    Wang Jianhua, Zhang Jianfeng
  6. An Analysis of the Training Path of Judicial Police Academy Talents in the New Period
    Feng Liwei
  7. To Head or to be Led by Guests: Radio Talk Show Host and Hostess’ Zigzag Use of Turn-taking Signals
    Li Jingyi
  8. A Study on the Interpretation and Communication of Agricultural Landscape Culture of Longji Terrace in Guilin
    Zhu Wenshuang, Li Benjian, Bai Chen
  9. Critically Evaluate the Contribution Made by Feminist Research of Media with Soap Opera as an Example
    Zhong Yi
  10. Study on the Communication of Rural Architectural Planning—Taking Jialing Village of Shifang City as an Example
    He Li
  11. Research on Diversified Chinese Teaching Helps to Cultivate Students’ Core Literacy Under the Background of Information Technology
    Ning Mengqin
  12. Research on the Spread of “National Treasure” from the Perspective of Internet Subculture
    Gong Yuanyuan
  13. Research on the Dissemination Strategy of Government Video Acconuts Based on Value Chain Model
    Xie Zehang
  14. Research on Intelligent Transformation Strategy of Entity Bookstores Driven by Technological Innovation
    Li Genghua
Author: Samuel Hall

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