Communication & Education Review Vol.1 No.5 2020

ISSN(online): 2689-9760
ISSN(print): 2689-9752


  1. Research on the Digital Communication Path of Guangxi Ethnic Villages
    Zhu Wenshuang, Yin Yi, Han Jinjiang
  2. On the Similarities and Differences of Traditional and Transcribed Music Skills in Erhu Performance
    Chai Jing
  3. Research on the Translation Development of Contemporary Chinese and Spanish Novels
    Zheng Liuyi, Du Wen
  4. Analysis on the Planning Strategy of Rural Human Settlement Environment—Taking Jialing Village, Luoshui Town as an Example
    He Li
  5. Research on the Cultural Communication of Yueling Ancient Villages in Guanyang County from the Perspective of Symbols
    Li Benjian, Xu Dantong
  6. On the Molding and Influence of the Political Culture in Movie Anna on Female Identity
    Li Jun
  7. Research on the Path of Pattern Communication of Guangxi Ethnic Minorities
    Fu Han
  8. Coping Strategies for College Students’ Ideological Risk Under the Background of Post COVID-19
    Ren Li
  9. Research on the Relationship Between Language and Culture in College English Teaching
    Wang Rui
  10. Ways to Enhance the Transmission Power of TV Literary Publications
    Shi Shang
  11. New Media Channel’s Strategies to Enhance the Interest of Chinese Learners in China
    Bo Tianyu
  12. On the Current Situation and Development of Dance Research in China—Take the Journal of Beijing Dance Academy in 2010-2019 as an Example
    Huan Guozhi
  13. Discussion about the Characteristics of Circle Dance of Chinese Chaoxian Nationality—Take the Agricultural Dance in Wangqing County as an Example
    Cai Donglin
  14. A Study on the Various Communication Methods of Today’s Opera
    Liu Min
  15. Study on the Cross-cultural Communication of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage
    Wu Yufei
Author: Samuel Hall

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