Art & Design Research Vol.1 No.3

The Living Inheritance of Hunan Flower Drum Opera Based on Human Computer Interaction Technology

Fanding Gao, Juan Xie
College of Arts, Guilin University of Technology, Guilin, China

DOI: 10.37420/j.adr.2020.012

Abstract: As an intangible cultural heritage, Hunan Flower Drum Opera is not only one of China’s precious cultural resources, but also a witness of historical development. In view of the single protection form and interactive limitations of Hunan Flower Drum Opera, on the basis of retaining the traditional repertoire and folk cultural characteristics of Hunan Flower Drum Opera, the paper constructs a live communication mode of voice interaction design, image interaction design and immersion interaction design through human-computer interaction technology, so as to increase the interactivity and interest of intangible cultural heritage protection and dissemination.The live inheritance of drama has practical significance, and also provides new ideas for the live inheritance of excellent traditional culture.

Author: Samuel Hall

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