Art & Design Research Vol.1 No.3

The Change of Environmental Art Design Methods in the Digital Age

Cheng Wang,
College of Arts and Design, Guilin Tourism University, Guilin, China
Anning Cai
Arts Institute, GuangXi University for Nationalities, Nanning, China

DOI: 10.37420/j.adr.2020.013

Abstract: The digital age generally refers to the post information society, which is a new era after the industrial age and the information age. In the digital age, with the wide application of digital technology, the environmental art design field also widely uses this technology, which promotes the environmental art design method to produce the huge change. This paper introduces the meaning of environmental art design, digital era and digital technology, discusses the relationship between environmental art design and the application of digital technology, and probes into the application fields of how digital technology promotes the transformation of environmental art design methods. The research in this paper is helpful to clarify the ideas and ways to improve the environmental art design method with the help of digital technology in the digital era.

Author: Samuel Hall

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