Art & Design Research Vol.1 No.3

Reflections on the Design and Innovation Path of Intangible Cultural Heritage Creation of Mulao Nationality in Guangxi

Shuo Chen
College of Arts, Guilin University of Technology, Guilin, China

DOI: 10.37420/j.adr.2020.014

Abstract: Based on the cultural atmosphere of emphasizing cultural self-confidence, the design of non heritage cultural and creative products of Mulao Nationality in Guangxi is taken as the starting point. Through in-depth investigation, literature search and historical heritage materials, the paper classifies, analyzes, refines and creates the intangible cultural heritage cultural forms and artistic forms of Mulao nationality, explores the empowerment of intangible cultural heritage culture and elements of Mulao nationality under the background of cultural self-confidence, and creates non heritage cultural and creative culture and brand with unique characteristics of Mulao nationality, era and region. So that its cultural and creative products can be better accepted, and then promote the spread and development of local culture, highlighting the characteristics of traditional Chinese culture.

Author: Samuel Hall

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