Art & Design Research Vol.1 No.3

On Exterior Design of Cruise Ship on the Li River in Guilin from the Perspective of Regional Culture

Lingling Liu, Hanshu Li
College of Arts, Guilin University of Technology, Guilin, China

DOI: 10.37420/j.adr.2020.015

Abstract: In response to the municipal government’s call, the Lijiang Golden Tourism Industry Belt and the cruise ship on Li River should be ungraded. As a means of transportation, the cruise ship is vital for tourists to enjoy the beauty of Li River. Having analyzed the visitors’ preference, comments, suggestions and expectations, I design a cruise ship with regional characteristics. My design highlights the regional feature, the unique style and traditional interior decorations. Moreover, the design will stimulate the interest of tourists for its integration of the specific cultural elements of Guilin. The projected appearance and interior layout will impress the tourists and attract them come again. Thereby, the increasing number of visitors will flow into Guilin so as to drive the development of local tourism economy and underpin the construction of national tourist destinations.

Author: Samuel Hall

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