Communication & Education Review Vol.1 No.11

ISSN(print): 2689-9752
ISSN(online): 2689-9760


  1. The Innovative Application of Guangzhou Liannan’s Embroidery Patterns in Urban Furniture Design
    Aqiang Sun, Yun Xu
  2. The Evolution Track of Interpersonal Emotional Labor between College Counselors and College Students
    Hairong Shi
  3. Analysis of Cross-cultural Adaptation of Chinese Original TV Program
    Shoukui Cui
  4. Research on Digital Protection of Traditional Craft of Zhuang Nationality in Guangxi based on “OMO” Mode
    Haibin Zhang
  5. The Role of Fintech in Loan Origination: Evidence from China
    Yao Zhang, Fan Zhao
  6. Analysing Promotional Tourism Discourse from a Systemic Functional Linguistics Perspective: A Comparative Study
    Danping Wen
  7. Discussion on Teaching Reform of Sports Anatomy
    Yue Feng
  8. Construction of Life Meaning and Family Love by Analyzing the Death World Trip—Multimodal Discourse Analysis of English Animation Film Coco
    Baoxia Zuo
  9. Communication in the Antagonistic Space—Aesthetic Analysis of the Ending Song of The Wild Goose Lake
    Xiaoyan Zhou
  10. Research on the Application of Chinese Mural in Contemporary Environmental Design
    Yanmin Liang, Chen Bai
  11. Cross-cultural Communication Strategies of American Family Ethics Dramas: A Case Study of Modern Family
    Rui Wang
  12. Review on “English Language Teaching Materials: Theory and Practice”
    Xiaohui Wang, Juxia Gao
  13. Thinking on the Crisis Communication of the New Media of Government Affairs
    Ruibing Wang
  14. Exploration on the Path of Training Agricultural Talents
    Chao Wu
  15. Research on the Application of Arrangement in Modern Sculpture Creation
    Wenzhao Huang
Author: Samuel Hall

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