Communication & Education Review Vol.1 No.11

Review on “English Language Teaching Materials: Theory and Practice”


Xiaohui Wang, Juxia Gao
School of Humanities, Xi’an Polytechnic University, Xi’an, China

Abstract: “English language teaching materials: Theory and Practice”, edited by Nigel Harwood, concerns the design and development of teaching materials. The authors of the book interpret, analyze and summarize the theories of second language acquisition, and demonstrate the concrete procedures of language course books for both traditional classroom teaching and data-driven learning. It adopts both bottom-up and topdown approaches, combined with the theory and practice of language materials design, including teacherdeveloped classroom materials and commercial materials, as well as technology-driven materials to identify problems and their consequences, and identify gaps from linguistics. The experiential learning helps student teachers use language materials more efficiently and critically through task-based teaching and interactive learning and therefore textbook designers may need to consider reader-friendly initiatives for both traditionalteaching and blended-learning in the digital age. The findings confirm that the materials not only serve theirpedagogic goals but also hopefully provide the basis for memorable and enjoyable classroom experiences for both teacher and students. Unlike previous studies, it focuses on the design principles and methods of academic English teaching material guided by SLA theories, perspective for coursebook design are exemplified, pedagogical and research implications are included.

Author: Samuel Hall

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