Communication & Education Review Vol.1 No.11

The Evolution Track of Interpersonal Emotional Labor between College Counselors and College Students


Hairong Shi
School of Biology and Food Engineering, Chuzhou University, Chuzhou, China

Abstract: With the rapid development of modern technology, the proportion of emotional labor in human
future labor will increase substantially. As a high-emotion labor group, college counselors’ emotional labor
affects the effect of ideological and political education, which is of great significance to students’ growth and
self-development. This study uses self-narrative research methods to illustrate the evolutionary trajectory of
emotional labor between college counselors and college students. The results found: 1. College counselors
and college students interact emotional labor for a long time, high intensity, and high attention to emotional
expression rules. Practical characterization. 2. The evolution of emotional labor is obvious. The initial
period of work and the rising period of work show continuous positive emotions and true self. The emotional
expression rules initially perceive and strive to achieve internal and external consistency of self-emotion.
Emotional labor strategies are based on true expression; work; The bottleneck period presents staged
negative emotions and self-disguise. The emotional expression rules are clearly perceived and external
emotional behaviors are constantly adjusted to meet work needs. Emotional labor strategies are mainly
shallow performances; mixed emotional states and rational self and emotions appear during the stable period
of work. The labor strategy is based on deep performance.

Author: Samuel Hall

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