Communication & Education Review Vol.1 No.11

Research on Digital Protection of Traditional Craft of Zhuang Nationality in Guangxi based on “OMO” Mode


Haibin Zhang
Guilin University of Technology, Guilin, China

Abstract: “Online and offline integration” has become the development trend of various digital fields in
the network era. “OMO” mode is an upgraded version of “O2O” mode, which helps to provide an overall
optimization scheme for online and offline integration of Guangxi Zhuang traditional technology digital
protection line. Based on the OMO mode, we should construct the innovation path of Guangxi Zhuang
traditional crafts digital protection, optimize the integration of resources, enhance the two-way experience
interaction, and promote the emergence of new applications, new models and new formats of Guangxi
Zhuang traditional crafts digital protection. According to the technical conditions, environmental protection,
channel barriers, intellectual property rights and other specific issues, this paper puts forward some strategic
suggestions to promote the online and offline revenue sharing and value chain coordination of Guangxi
Zhuang traditional crafts digital protection.

Author: Samuel Hall

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