Communication & Education Review Vol.1 No.11

Analysing Promotional Tourism Discourse from a Systemic Functional Linguistics Perspective: A Comparative Study


Danping Wen
Faculty of Arts, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

Abstract: In promotional tourism discourse, the lexicogrammatical resources which are used to negotiate
interpersonal meanings with readers have a crucial influence on communication effectiveness. This study uses
Systemic Functional Linguistics, including the APPRAISAL theory, to analyse two tourism texts in English,
which may function as the leading part of a promotional travel guide. The results show how linguistic
resources are used to achieve the discourse purposes of the sample texts and how the two texts differ from
each other in their focuses and communication strategies. This study illustrates how Systemic Functional
Linguistics, especially the APPRAISAL theory, could be applied to help discover strengths and weaknesses of
writings in the target genre in terms of communication strategies.

Author: Samuel Hall

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