Communication & Education Review Vol.1 No.11

Discussion on Teaching Reform of Sports Anatomy


Yue Feng
College of Physical Education, Hunan University of Science and Engineering,
Yongzhou, China

Abstract: Sports anatomy is one of the important subjects in physical education and plays a key role in future physical education. Students who major in physical education must be proficient in basic anatomy knowledge and integrate theory with practice. With the continuous deepening of teaching reform in universities and the continuous innovation of teaching methods, the teaching reform of sports anatomy is facing huge opportunities and challenges. The current problems existing include too little teaching time, traditional teaching methods, mismatch between teaching content theory and practice, and unreasonable teaching evaluation system. Thus, this article proposes the teaching reform of sports anatomy, that is, the reform of class hours, teaching content characteristics, teaching methods, teachers’ ability, practice items, and examination system, to provide a reference for the reform of sports anatomy course.

Author: Samuel Hall

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