Communication & Education Review Vol.1 No.11

Construction of Life Meaning and Family Love by Analyzing the Death World Trip—Multimodal Discourse Analysis of English Animation Film Coco


Baoxia Zuo
Foreign Languages Department, Tianjin Tianshi College, Tianjin, China

Abstract: The article will examine how the English animated film uses symbolic resources such as language,
vision and hearing (mainly music) to present the world of the death. Through the illusory appearance of the
death world and arouse people to reexamine the meaning of life and cherish the concept of kinship again.
Inspiration: death is the highest meaning of life, life and death complement each other to complete a life
cycle. The system function multimodal discourse analysis takes the film shots as the basic unit, looks for
the main story outline in the expression meaning level, focuses on the different discourse, the sound and
the symbol expression about death between different characters and inside the character, at the same time
explores the construction function of different sound symbols to the meaning of life. This study will provide an
innovative perspective for the study of child death education, and lay the foundation for the future research
related to the animation film of child death education.

Author: Samuel Hall

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