Communication & Education Review Vol.1 No.12

ISSN(print): 2689-9752
ISSN(online): 2689-9760


  1. The Construction of Democracy, Equality and Harmonious Teacher-student Relationship in Modern Teaching
    Lina Wang, Saif UI Haq
  2. How to Portray the Characters in the Avant Garde Drama “Si Fan”
    Xinxin Wang, Il-seon Eo
  3. Research on the Influence of Host’s Style on TV Programs and Countermeasures
    Junling Hu, Il-seon Eo
  4. An Analysis of the Leisure Connotation of the Boat Imagery in Song Ci
    Cuiai Zhang
  5. Research on the Application of the Flipped Class Model of Microlecture in Japanese Teaching in Colleges
    Kun Li
  6. Research on the Construction and Communication of Regional Public Brand of Agricultural Products
    Shaoqing Zhang, Sihong Zhang
  7. Original Thinking on the Arrangement of Sculptures
    Wenzhao Huang
  8. An Analysis of “Elegance” and “Vulgarity” in Art Appreciation
    Quanyao Fu
  9. Study on the Correlation Influence of Self-Regulation and Self-Efficacy to Academic Performance in College Physical Education MOOC Learning
    Yiting Tang, Chengyu Wei, Junpeng Chen, Jing Zhang
  10. Fetal Narrative and Ethical Taboo: On the Unreliable Narration of Ian McEwan’s Nutshell
    Xucheng Ding
  11. A Study on The Public’s Behavior Intention in The Social Mobilization of Public Health Emergencies: Based on Theory of Planed Behavior
    Yuan Wang, Gang Guo
  12. The Transformation and Spread of Five Sacred Regional Mountain Belief in China—A Case Study of Mount Yi Belief
    Mingming Guo, Yufei Wu
  13. Study on Yancheng’s Sea Salt Cultural Resources for Regional Cultural Diversity Development—An Analysis of the Inclusive Architecture of China’s Sea Salt Museum
    Mengze Wang, Hetian Tang, Shuwen Shi
  14. Transformation of Cultural Heritage and Digital Cultural Tourism Products of Ethnic Minorities in the Southwest of China
    Qinheng Zhao
Author: Samuel Hall

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