Art & Design Research Vol.2 No.1

ISSN(print): 2692-3165
ISSN(online): 2692-3173


  1. Design of Car Child Safety Seat Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process
    Hailong Huang, Jianhua Wang
  2. Research on the Path of Local Knowledge Embedded in Cultural Tourism Integration in Ethnic Minority Areas—Take Longsheng in Guilin as an Example
    Haibin Zhang, Jiajun Li
  3. The Inspiration of “Hot and Cold Media” Theory to Flat Style Design
    Xiaofeng Liao*, Zihao Li
  4. Design of Tea Set with Fishing Light Conception based on Grafting and Fusion
    Lingling Liu, Xuze Wei, Zhiqin Lu
Author: Samuel Hall

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