Communication & Education Review Vol.2 No.9

ISSN(print): 2689-9752
ISSN(online): 2689-9760


  1. Exploring the Reading Promotion Model of “Library + Community” Reading Club
    Xue Yang
  2. Research on the Industrialization of Traditional Crafts in Guangxi Region under the Perspective of Neoclassical “Structure-Function Theory”
    Yongrui Han, Xin Xiao
  3. How Effective is the Hong Kong Urban Renewal Policy (Redevelopment) Controlled by the Market
    Yao Wu
  4. A Brief Discussion on the Educational Function of Zhu Zi’s “Feelings of Living in Leisure” (《斋居感兴》): Centered on the Joseon
    Ping Sun
  5. Research on the Strategy for Improving the Quality of Online Foreign Language Teaching in Colleges and Universities in the Era of Big Data
    Ziyou Zhou
  6. Study on the Operational Definition of Labor Education in the New Era
    Lin Chen, Chen Long
  7. A Review of Environmental Design from the Perspective of Narrative
    Wenshuang Zhu, Buqian Wang
  8. Design and Analysis of Interactive Film and Television Platform
    Sen Liu, Xin Xiao
  9. Research on the Strategy of the Coordinated Development of Red Culture Resources and Green Tourism Resources to Empower the Rural Revitalization of Yancheng
    Xiaoyan Zhou
  10. Undergraduate Nursing Students’ Willingness to Participate in Time-saving Volunteer Aging Services: A Cross-sectional Study
    Chunxiang Li, Shuli Xu, Lili Ma, Zhilan Chen, Zhenzhen Duan, Jing Ma, Yingjie Liang, Huimin Yang
Author: Samuel Hall

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