Communication & Education Review Vol.2 No.11

ISSN(print): 2689-9752
ISSN(online): 2689-9760


  1. National Image Construction of “Cultural China”—A Case Study of Documentary “The Tale of Chinese Medicine”
    Ong Peter Leonardo, Dahai Hu
  2. Reflections on Strengthening the Teaching of “Singing Psychology” Course for Vocal Music Performance Major in Colleges and Universities
    Xin’gang Zhang
  3. Research on the Public Art Education System and Evaluation of the Science and Engineering Colleges from the Perspective of Aesthetic Education in the New Era
    Qian Wan
  4. On the Development and Cultivation of Students’ Conceptual Thinking in Design Teaching
    Haibin Zhang
  5. Research on the Countermeasures of Implementing PBL Teaching Mode in the Course of Finance
    Chunlian Zhang, Lina Wang
  6. Exploration on the Path of Academic Journal Brand Building in the New Media Era
    Caijun Tao
  7. Research on the Cultivation and Practice of Innovation Ability of Art College Students Based on MOOC
    Xin Xiao
  8. Exploring the Path of Constructing Career Planning System for College Students of Construction Under 1+X Certificate System
    Ting Zhou, Nanxi Lu
  9. On Children Education from the Perspective of Deleuze’s Philosophy
    Hao Li
  10. The Use of WeChat by International Students in China from an Intercultural Perspective
    Zhien Guo, Lingying Xu
Author: Samuel Hall

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