The Economics & Management Review Vol.2 No.5

How to Accelerate the Slow Development of Hong Kong’s Smart City

Yao Wu
Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China


The development of smart city is a strategy and a necessary choice for coping with the increasingly severe urbanization “disease”, seeking sustainable development of city and countries, and enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of city in the era of information technology. In many international smart city index rankings, Hong Kong’s ranking is not impressive, and the rate of improvement in recent years has not been obvious or even slow. The administrative measures of “laissez-faire” and “market-led” have dragged down the overall development speed of Hong Kong’s smart city. Lack of effective administrative means and the promotion of administrative efficiency, the cooperation between stakeholders in the development of Hong Kong’s smart city is like scattered sand. The government cannot even guarantee the cohesion of its various departments in the development of smart city. Hong Kong is facing a crisis of widening the gap between Hong Kong and the world’s first-tier city. Facing the slow development of smart city, the Hong Kong government urgently needs to research how to accelerate the development of smart city in order to maintain the sustainable development of Hong Kong society and Hong Kong’s status as a world city.

Author: Samuel Hall

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