The Economics & Management Review Vol.2 No.5

Comparison of Folk Art Between Zhuang Nationality and Dainong Nationality in Vietnam and Development of Cultural Tourism

Haibin Zhang
Guilin University of Technology, Guilin, China


The Zhuang nationality of China and the Dainong nationality of Vietnam, as ethnic minorities of the same origin and cross-border, have created a large number of unique folk art culture. After being tempered by history, they have unique natural conditions in the development of folk culture tourism. Folk art has the characteristics of both refined and popular appreciation and the feeling of returning to nature. It is based on the authenticity, on the premise of protection and inheritance, and pays attention to the excavation of regional characteristics and resource advantages, so as to develop tourism products rich in national cultural connotation, this is undoubtedly an effective way to promote the mutual benefit of culture and economy.

Author: Samuel Hall

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