The Economics & Management Review Vol.2 No.5

Research on the Utilization of Conservation of Red Resources and the Development of Red Tourism: The Collection of Anti-epidemic Evidence in Wuhan Revolutionary Museum as an Example

Shijing Xiao
Wuhan Revolutionary Museum, Wuhan, China


Wuhan Revolutionary Museum continues to innovate the mode of collection of cultural relics, increase the collection efforts, has formed a red revolutionary witness and urban history witness two categories of collection system. 2020 during the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Wuhan Revolutionary Museum took the initiative to take charge, with responsibility and mission for tomorrow and record today, 14 times to the aid medical team, 6 times to the Thunder God Mountain, 9 times into the cabin and hospital, footprints throughout the city to aid the Hubei Medical teams, key medical institutions, construction units, communities and other corners, the collection of objects covering medical workers, People’s Liberation Army commanders, community workers, public security police, engineering builders, volunteers and other walks of life. The footprints are all over the city, making it the museum with the largest number and most comprehensive collection of anti-epidemic exhibits. The collection of 13,447 pieces of anti-epidemic artifacts, and around these anti-epidemic artifacts held exhibitions and activities with great effort and emotion, opening up a new path for the collection of revolutionary cultural relics.

Author: Samuel Hall

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