Communication & Education Review Vol.3 No.1

ISSN(print): 2689-9752
ISSN(online): 2689-9760


  1. Current Response and Future of Preschool Education in China
    Ping Sun
  2. Data risk and its response Under the Long-arm Criminal Jurisdiction Threshold
    Linyi Xu
  3. The Study on the Convergence of Ideological and Political Education Between
    Universities and Senior High Schools

    Lemin Chen
  4. An Innovative Hybrid Teaching Framework for Exhibition Design Based on The
    Learning Platform

    Qijun Dong
  5. Research on the Application of Osmotic Physics History in Junior Middle School
    Physics Teaching

    Qing Guo
  6. Data Mining Based on CiteSpace Education Research Focus and Trend Analysis
    Miaomiao Zeng
  7. The Coincidence of Korean Family Ethics Drama
    Yuzhen Guo
  8. An Analysis of the Relationship and Development of Psychological Safety and
    Knowledge-seeking Needs of Secondary School Sents

    Ji Yang
  9. The Development Predicament and Optimization Path of China’s Accessible Video
    APP under the Fairness Perspective

    Yani Zhang
  10. Research on Rural Plant Landscape in Western Sichuan Based on CiteSpace
    Wenshuang Zhu
  11. Research on the Development and Cultural Ecology of Contemporary Art Book Fair
    Jianjun Fang
  12. Analysis of Intelligent Content Production in Mainstream Media at the Current
    Stage–Exploring the Limitations of Machine Writing in Mainstream Media

    Lu Feng
Author: Samuel Hall

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