Communication & Education Review Vol.3 No.1

Analysis of Intelligent Content Production in Mainstream Media at the Current Stage–Exploring the Limitations of Machine Writing in Mainstream Media

Lu Feng
Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, Beijing, China


Abstract: Artificial intelligence has gradually entered the field of journalism. Robot news writing has reconstructed the traditional newsgathering model but has limitations. The reshaping of the model is reflected in breaking the time and space limitations of news writing, ensuring the accuracy of the information under big data technology, and simplifying the editing process; however, there are still certain limitations from the perspectives of developers, media practitioners, users, and technology, such as a single writing mode, lack of emotion and deep reading ability, and easy to cause privacy violations. It is predicted that in the future, robotic news writing will move toward human-robot collaboration amid opportunities and challenges, and realize the complementary advantages of journalists and robots.

Author: Samuel Hall

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