Communication & Education Review Vol.3 No.1

The Coincidence of Korean Family Ethics Drama

Yuzhen Guo
Faculty of Media Technology of Liaocheng University, Shandong, China
Wenwen Bi
Docotor of Department of Film and Media contents of Cheongju University,
Cheongju, Korea


Abstract: Propp in Morphology of Folktale tells that “the change in folktales is the names of the roles, not the action or function”, Propp defined characters of folktales depending on their function. This paper will analyze the coincidence of Korean family ethic dramas from these three aspects: coincidence of character’s relation, coincidence of random events, and coincidence of actions. At the same time point out that although different family ethic dramas coincide in various forms, there still are some modular features.

Author: Samuel Hall

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