The Economics & Management Review Vol.2 No.6

ISSN(print): 2692-3211
ISSN(online): 2692-322X


  1. Research on the Quality Composition and Promotion Path of Hotel Management Professionals from the New Liberal Arts Perspective
    Haibin Zhang, Fang Ran
  2. Exploration on the Construction of Suzhou’s Nighttime Cultural and Tourism Consumption Cluster under the New Development Pattern of Double Cycle
    Li Tao, Qingmiao Chen, Yulan Zhang
  3. The Impact of Digital Financial Inclusion on the Development of New Urbanization
    Ming Xu,Yuntao Tan
  4. The Way Out for China’s Film Industry in the Context of Film Viewing Equity
    —Taking Cultural Equity as a Perspective

    Yao Hao
  5. Can Corporate Environmental Social Responsibility Increase Consumers’ Willingness to Buy?—Take the Fresh Drink Factory as an Example
    Ming Chen, Junqin Qiu, Xiancheng Xiong, Yonghao Hu
  6. Transformation of Enterprise Organization Model with Digital Empowerment
    Chunlian Zhang
  7. Research on the Evolution of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Network in the Government Governance of China’s National High-tech Zone
    Jinglei Wang, Jing Zhao
  8. Research on Operation Mode and Management of Shared Employee Driven by Platform Economy
    Minqi Shu
  9. The Influence of Tourism Industry Agglomeration on Total Factor Productivity of Tourism Industry
    Yuntao Tan, Ming Xu
  10. Research on Reconstruction and Strategy of Enterprise Business Model in the Digital Age
    Haokai Zhao
Author: Samuel Hall

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