Communication & Education Review Vol.3 No.2

ISSN(print): 2689-9752
ISSN(online): 2689-9760


  1. Development and Construction of Digital Resources for College English in the Context of Information Technology
    Lei Huang
  2. Achievements and Prospects of Project Course Research for Art and Design Majors in Higher Vocational Education of China
    Bo Li
  3. Research on the Construction of Educational Community of Graduate Moral Education in the New Era
    Tieying Liu
  4. Aesthetic Orientation of Family Drama under the Influence of Confucian Culture
    Xinyu Wang
  5. Reflections on Innovative and Pioneering Education in Colleges and Universities from the perspective of teachers
    Chunlian Zhang
  6. Research on curriculum reform of early childhood education and activity guidance
    Ruiyuan Liu
  7. A Study of the Road to Classicization of The Yellow River Cantata
    Lu Wang, Xiaoyan Zhou
  8. A Study of the Path to Universalization of the Yellow River Cantata
    Jingyi Pu, Xiaoyan Zhou
  9. A Study of the Modernization of the Yellow River Cantata
    Wen Shi, Xiaoyan Zhou
  10. Review and Prospects of Cross-Border Marriage between China and Myanmar
    Jia Zhang
  11. The Influence Mechanism of Nonprofit Organization Brand Image on College Students’ Disaster Donation Decision in China
    Lan Yu, Mengsha Yang
  12. Exploration and Design of “Promoting Learning through Competition” Teaching Mode of Cross-Border E-Commerce Course under the Concept of “Entrepreneurship and Innovation”
    Zhenling Jiao
Author: Samuel Hall

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