Electrical & Electronic Engineering Research Vol.2 No.1

An Enhanced Differential Evolution Based on Center Mutation for Environmental Economic Dispatch

Ke Xu
Hubei Electric Power Survey & Design Institute, Wuhan, China
Ming Chen
Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37420/j.eeer.2021.003

Abstract: In order to improve the convergence of multi-objective differential evolution (DEMO) algorithm while ensuring well distribution, a new method of center mutation-based DEMO (CM-DEMO) is proposed. Firstly, the form of mutation is improved, the center of the population in the current generation is taken as a base vector, and then the direction of difference vector is determined according to the fitness value of the three random vectors of individuals, secondly, the strategy of adaptive crossover probability is given, the crossover probability is determined according to the distribution of fitness value in the population. Test of benchmark functions show that CM-DEMO algorithm has faster convergence rate. Finally, CM-DEMO is applied to environmental economic dispatch of power system. Compared with other methods, the simulation results obtained demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed algorithm for solving the problem.

Author: Samuel Hall

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