Art & Design Research Vol.3 No.2

The Application of Aquatic Horsetail Embroidery Motifs in Modern Furniture Design

Linqing Nong, Yanfang Song, Hongyu Wei
College of Arts, Guilin University of Technology, Guilin, China


A brief description of the artistic characteristics of Chinese ethnic minorities Shui horsetail embroidery from the production process and pattern characteristics; through the analysis of the aesthetic characteristics and connotations of the patterns of Shui horsetail embroidery, the promotion of its role in enhancing the aesthetic value and cultural connotations of modern furniture design is clarified; the patterns are extracted, reconstructed and innovatively designed for application in modern furniture design, and the modern techniques in different forms are used to revitalise the culture of horsetail embroidery and make its horsetail embroidery The aim is to achieve an organic integration of the intangible cultural heritage with modern society. The aim is to protect and revitalise the intangible cultural heritage and to enhance the cultural value of horsetail embroidery.

Author: Samuel Hall

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