Art & Design Research Vol.3 No.2

Research on the Ancient Creation thought based on the Chinese Traditional Folk House Architecture

Yanmin Liang, Ze Yang, Longyan Liu
Guilin University of Technology, Guilin 541006, China

Abstract: The continuous cultural development in China for thousands of years has made the achievements in the history of Chinese creation remarkable. In the traditional Chinese creation, the aspects of things are all-embracing, each with its own rules and various forms; from the rational aspect, the road is unified, and there is convergence, while the idea of the art of creation serves as the guiding ideology in the process of human creation, the richness and profundity of its connotation are unparalleled in the past and the present, and still affect us today. This article takes the Chinese traditional residential buildings as the research breakthrough point, through the literature review and the case study, analyzes the formation and the evolution of these residential buildings, sum Up the unity of Heaven and man, the beauty of time, respect for heaven and cherish things and people-oriented thinking of ancient creation.

Author: Samuel Hall

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